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Illuminance Solutions

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AvantCare by Illuminance Solutions

AvantCare is an integrated client and services information management platform built for disability and aged care providers. It supports client-centric service and block funding including National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS, including Supported Independent Living), Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), state-based funding, co-contribution and other funding sources. The service providers of this sector are faced with challenges such as sustainability, transparency and quality in services delivery, workforce optimisation; thus, AvantCare was developed to include features that would ensure unprecedented operational efficiencies. Service Providers and their staff such as Support worker Workers and Management can utilise the following capabilities in their daily operations allowing them to focus on providing the care required by their clients instead of focusing on administrative paperwork and manual reporting:
  • Simplified client on-boarding
  • Client and goal management
  • Medical and health condition recording
  • Rostering and scheduling efficiency
  • Administration simplification
  • Transparency improvement in funding
  • Accountable records maintenance
  • Workforce onboarding and development acceleration

AvantCare is built on NDIS Quality and safeguarding framework, which incorporates the reporting framework standards, auditability and information security principle. AvantCare also has self-auditing tools that enable service quality review on a regular base.