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Resulticks mCloud


Resulticks mCloud

A truly integrated real-time conversation marketing cloud platform.

Resulticks-the world's only marketing automation cloud platform built from the ground up by marketers for marketers-delivers top-line growth by enabling marketers to engage every prospect, lead, or customer in highly personalized, real-time experiences from the first click to conversion.

With its unique Smart Link technology and big data backbone, Resulticks helps marketers create and deliver targeted, contextual multi-dimensional communications and campaigns through all digital channels: email, mobile, SMS, QR, beacons, social, ORM, web notifications, and virtual assistants.

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Resulticks enables and empowers marketers to:

  • Consolidate structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources-owned or third party, historic, demographic, transactional, and social-and update it constantly
  • Use sophisticated data segmentation and AI modeling to turn data into customer insights for orchestrating highly personalized campaigns
  • Seamlessly orchestrate contextual conversations across devices and channels in real time based on the preferences and propensities of each individual
  • Set complex business rules to manage the type and frequency of interactions with individual audience in real time
  • Boost marketing ROI with advanced big data and machine learning capabilities
  • Track results continuously and attribute conversion-and their value-at the segment-of-one level.