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Trophy Cabinet

AspiraCloud Ltd

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Create trophies and rewards and assign them to your users.

What is Trophy Cabinet?

Trophy Cabinet enables you to create trophies and rewards for your users. Each award has points associated with it allowing ranking of users based on the amount of points they have received from the awards assigned to them.

Why use Trophy Cabinet?

Gamification is the process of turning everyday processes (schoolwork, sales etc.) into a game/competition and produces positive effects with regards to engagement and motivation. Using Trophy Cabinet, you can incentivise your users to create that extra bit of work on time or compete to get more sales in order to get the most points! Users with the most points are displayed on a leaderboard allowing for a competitive yet fun working environment.

How does it work?

Once installed, Administrators grant permissions for appropriate users to create or assign awards. Creating an award is extremely simple and allows images to be uploaded for the award icons. Existing icons can be selected also.

After an award has been created and enabled, it can be assigned. This means Award Assigners can select which awards to assign and which users should receive them. This will update the leaderboard and those users will now have some Trophy Cabinet Points!

Awards may be created or assigned by mistake. If this is the case, the easy-to-use dashboard enables Award Mangers or Assigners to delete the incorrect badge or retract the incorrect award assignment.


Trophy Cabinet can display badges in two different ways: As a descriptive table which can expand to drill down into more detail, or as an icon view which shows the badge icons alone for a simpler, minimalist feel.

Trophy Cabinet allows for various personalisation such as changing the way you view badge lists or the amount you see on one page. It keeps track of these choices so next time you view the dashboard, you will see everything the way you want it.