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Organization Chart software that displays your company hierarchy in SharePoint.

Beyond Intranet’s Organization chart, a SharePoint add-in, displays a company's hierarchy from top to bottom in an attractive flowchart. The org chart software makes it easy to see how different people, jobs, and departments in the organization are categorized as per the company structure.

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There are different departments for each type of employee in the company. The organization chart software helps set up the chain of command or clearly define the roles of each employee. The org chart add-in shows the names and other information about each employee, such as their job title, department, and profile picture. This information is automatically pulled from the user SharePoint user profile in SharePoint org chart.

The SharePoint Organization Chart add-in comes bundled with:

1. Birthday/Work Anniversary

2. Employee Directory add-in

3. Beyond Intranet mobile application

Available configurations for SharePoint Org Chart Software:

1. Personalization as per your corporate identity

2. Easy syncing of employee’s information from SharePoint user profile

3. Display pictures from SharePoint user profile or Outlook

4. Easily assigning alternate departments or managers to the same employee

5. Easily exclude deactivated or disabled users

6. Excluding any department easily

7. Exclude users based on the domain

Features of our organizational chart Software are as follows:

1. Showing profile pictures, name, department, and designation

2. Viewing the chart in your desired format like compact, vertical or horizontal.

3. Exporting all data to Excel in one easy click

4. Filtering employees hierarchy based on departments

5. Clickable department links to filtering out department hierarchy

6. Separately showing employees who have no reporting managers

7. Excluding employees using Excluded Users Name

8. User-based access on Configuration section

9. Different tile color to show employee listed in multiple departments

10. Department Mapping enabling you to start hierarchy from any department

11. Expand and collapse option

12.User can set personalize view

The Organization chart add-in is available for 7 days trial and you may need to go for In-App Purchase to continue using this add-in.

Please Note:

• Recommended browsers for SharePoint Org chart software, and bundled add-in are : Chrome, Firefox, IE 10 and above

We offer 1 hour of FREE support for configuring and troubleshooting SharePoint Organization chart tool.

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