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Integrating formative and summative assessments into your classroom activities on Microsoft Teams

This app extends different experiences and features that are common to students and educators in SwiftAssess, and makes them seamlessly accessible through tabs and channel connectors in Microsoft Teams.

Benefits out of the box:

  • Teachers can access, select and pin different assessment activities (exams, practice tests, & assignments)
  • Students can access tabs containing the assessment activities and take them seamlessly from within Teams
  • Teachers can access results for a specific assessment activity
  • Teachers can access grading for a specific assessment activity through GradeMate or Online Grading
  • Teachers can access real-time dashboards and proctoring views for an assessment activity

Highlighted Features:

  • Adaptive to Microsoft Teams Dark/Light/High-Contrast Themes
  • Single Sign On with your Office 365 account
  • Utilizing Tabs and Task-Module experiences in channels and group-chats
  • Works for both Cloud-based and On-premise based SwiftAssess accounts

New Users:

  • SwiftAssess is a subscription-based platform and requires either a free trial or paid plan. Please visit: to learn more.
  • You could also click on the Sign Up button when configuring this app to register for a trial account.


  • This app is optimized for best experience on Microsoft Teams for Web and Desktop (macOS and Windows)

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