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Perform text analytics directly on your Excel spreadsheet

If you need to analyze unstructured content but don't want to deal with complicated tools or to program APIs, our add-on is designed for you. It allows you to extract the meaning automatically from tweets, social posts, opinions in forums, surveys, news, conversations in contact centers and other multilingual content. Extract mentions of people, companies or brands, perform sentiment analysis and classify by topics from the comfort of your spreadsheet and without programming.

These are some of the analyses you can do:

  • Topic Extraction: recognize precisely what/who the text is about. Identify the appearance of all types of named entities (people, organization, brands, etc.), abstract concepts, money amounts, quantity expressions, and time expressions. Incorporate your own dictionaries and detect unambiguously.
  • Text Classification: associate each text to one or more categories from a previously defined set (taxonomy). Identify the theme of a comment or to which department of your company it is related. Use pre-integrated standard taxonomies (e.g. IPTC classification for news) or create customized ones.
  • Sentiment Analysis: perform a detailed multilingual sentiment analysis of texts from different sources. Identify the positive, negative, neutral polarity in any text, including comments in surveys and social media. Extract the global sentiment of a text or the polarity associated to each one of the topics.
  • Language Identification: identify the language of any text, from a list of more than 160 languages. It's based on the franc library, which bases the language detection process on N-grams. It supports different scripts and provides the language results using the ISO639 standard (both in two and three characters).
  • Text Clustering: group similar documents (news, tweets, etc.) or discover meaningful implicit subjects across all documents. The texts are grouped in such a way that the texts in the same group (called a cluster) are more similar to each other than to those in other clusters.
  • Deep Categorization: assign one or more categories to a text using a very detailed rule-based language that enables you to access to morphological, semantic and text information.

To start analyzing texts, you just need to register in MeaningCloud and paste in the Settings section the license key provided, which you can find in the subscription section. Registering is free: you can do it by logging in using LinkedIn or GitHub, or by creating an account directly in MeaningCloud.

MeaningCloud provides pre-prepared resources called Vertical Packs, that are ready for immediate use and provide improved accuracy, recall and relevance on a set of typical scenarios:

  • Voice of the Customer: Analyze the unstructured feedback that customers provide through various channels (surveys, contact center interactions, social media, etc.), both with a general scope and for several industries such as banking, insurance, and retail.
  • Voice of the Employee: Analyze the opinions, evaluations, and comments of employees in various situations (as in performance evaluations, feedback on the organization, and exit interviews) using our predefined model pack.
  • Intention Analysis: Analyze comments from surveys, social media, call transcripts, emails, chats, etc. to understand the intention in a customer journey: Information, Advice, Purchase, Support, Recommendation, Complaint, Cancellation.
  • Financial Industry: Automatically understand the language of finance thanks to the industry-related concepts included in FIBO's standard vocabulary.
  • Emotion Recognition: Analyze all kinds of unstructured content to automatically recognize emotions expressed in the text: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Confidence, Disgust, Anticipation, Surprise.

MeaningCloud also provides Language Packs to use our services in different languages not included in the Standard language pack. These are the current available language packs:

If you want to use any of our vertical or language packs, just access your MeaningCloud account and start their trial for free.

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