auronet Wiki Contents

auronet GmbH

Generates an alphabetic index for any wiki library.

The auronet Wiki Contents web part provides an easy way to add an alphabetic index to a wiki page library. If you click on a letter in the upper navigation the index is filtered to show only pages that begin with that letter.

A click on ”ALL” shows all index entries again. Using the search box you can filter the pages by any keyword.


- Add the App to the site from the Office 365 Store

- Add the App as Webpart to any page in your SharePoint site

- Enter the name of the wiki page library in the webpart properties under ”Wiki Properties” -> ”Wiki Library Name”

- Optionally enter the number of columns for the index in the webpart properties under ”Wiki Properties” -> ”Number Of Columns”

Privacy Statement

This app is executed in your SharePoint context and does not access any third party APIs. All data is therefore kept within your SharePoint context.