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Real-time and historical stock price in Excel; 30+ yrs of stock fundamentals and more.


Gain access to enterprise-level financial data of global equities in Excel with Finsheet. We provide real-time and historical stock prices for global stocks. Our data goes back 30+ years with 1-minute resolution. We also have global stock fundamentals, Wall St estimates, technical analysis and alternative data. Other available asset classes include crypto, mutual funds and forex.

Using Finsheet, to get Stock Price in Excel, use these functions:

=FS_Streaming( "GOOGL")

=FS_Latest( "TSLA")

The first returns the live price of Alphabet Inc updated in real-time. The second returns the snapshot of the latest price of Tesla.

Comprehensive documentation:


- 50,000+ stocks globally

- 60+ major exchanges

- Stream real-time price

- 30+ years of intra-day (1-minute) stock price

- Full 30+ years of financial statements

- 25+ years of Wall St estimates

- 300+ fundamental metrics

- Global ETFs holdings and mutual funds

- Comprehensive technical indicators

- 15+ crypto exchanges

- 10+ forex exchanges


- Simple functions (3 for each asset class)

- No coding is required

- Intuitive UI

- Share the same syntax with Google Sheets

- Available on all operating systems and device (Mac, Windows, Online)

- API Console available on the website


- Analyze historical price pattern

- Perform technical analysis

- Charting

- Understand historical financial positions

- Build financial and valuation models

- Keep track of stock prices in real-time

- Incorporate 3rd-party crypto APIs

- Access alternative data


- Install this add-on

- Register an account at

- Refer to the doc for examples to get started

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at:

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