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Include Live Polls and interaction in PowerPoint presentations with the #1 rated polling platform.

Vevox helps presenters engage employees and students in meetings and classes enabling them to instantly understand what their audiences really understand, think and feel.

Our user friendly Office Add-in allows you to embed fantastic looking live polls, word clouds, quiz questions and leader-boards directly into your PowerPoint presentations. Simple, effective… and fun!

With a free plan you can:

  • Ask unlimited multichoice questions
  • Run quizzes
  • Choose anonymous or identified participant profiles
  • Allow participants to respond from the Vevox app (No download required) OR within MS Teams

Sign up for free

Upgrade to access:

  • More polling types including Word Cloud, Text, Images, Pin on image, Rating, Numeric, XY plot and more
  • Branding and theming
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Self paced Surveys
  • Q&A moderation
  • SSO (Single sign on), multi-user accounts, professional services and more

Loved by it’s users, Vevox is now the number 1 independently rated polling and Q&A platform globally. Commonly used in Pharma, Insurance, Construction and Finance industries, as well as Universities worldwide.

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