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airSlate PDF Editor: Edit, Redact & Merge PDFs without leaving SharePoint

Edit PDF documents and save them to your SharePoint records

Edit PDFs attached to a record and save them as updated versions in that record ‒ all without leaving SharePoint ‒ ensuring your documents are always up-to-date. Change text, add fillable fields, merge multiple files, delete & rearrange pages, and more.

Designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, the airSlate PDF Editor offers unlimited user access, a 100% cloud experience (no documents are stored in our system), and usage-based pricing for optimal flexibility. The setup process requires no coding and only takes a few steps.

Edit PDFs without leaving SharePoint

Access a complete set of PDF editing tools without leaving SharePoint. Edit text in PDFs online, add fillable fields, merge documents & organize pages, and save them to your records.

Scalable pricing based on usage

Tailor the airSlate PDF Editor to your needs with value-first pricing based on usage. Better yet, include as many users as your processes require at no additional cost!

Upgrade your SharePoint document processes

As your SharePoint workflows evolve, easily add eSignatures, document generation, and automated workflows. With airSlate’s document automation portfolio, you don’t need to switch vendors and start from scratch.

Key features:

  • Edit text in PDFs online

  • Add and complete fillable fields

  • Merge documents & organize pages in a PDF

  • Add watermarks

    Typical use cases:

  • Redacting sensitive information in legal documents, HR documentation, etc.

  • Making last-minute changes to contracts, reports, and business proposals

  • Protecting copyrights on creatives, designs, or promotional materials with watermarks

    The airSlate PDF Editor is part of a comprehensive document automation portfolio, meaning that as your SharePoint workflows expand, you can effortlessly incorporate role-based eSignatures, document generation, and automated workflows into your processes.

    The package includes:

  • List View Command set:

    onlineEditorSettingsCommand, sendFileToPDFEditorAndReplace, sendFileToPDFEditor

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