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Show your KPI lines with dynamic ranges to assess your progress

KPI Chart by Akvelon is a single visualization for illustrating and efficiently analyzing the correlation between two measures and it combines a line chart and a column chart with the same X-axis. Column and line charts show representation of the distribution of numerical data. Additionally, KPI Chart by Akvelon allows showing static and dynamic background KPI regions that can characterize, for example, the level of success before reaching the target. This chart is simplified version of Line and Clustered column chart with the ability to create multiple lines and add horizontal regions to assess progress. The visual has a wide variety of formatting options. Additionally to standard features of fully customizable text, color, sizes for each visual’s item, KPI Chart by Akvelon also allows to customize the minimum and maximum value for both vertical axes and configure the format of numerical values for them. The format panel also includes fields for adjusting the border and color of the horizontal regions.

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