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100% Stacked Bar Chart by Akvelon is enhanced by rectangle selection of bars

100% Stacked Bar Chart by Akvelon has similar functionality as product 100% Stacked bar chart and allows you to plot bars based on category and value data from your data source. Additionally it supports rectangle selection - such filtering allows to select multiple bars within rectangle area. This feature will help you to filter specific cluster within your data and update your report accordingly. Other important features are: - Legend that supports selection - Ability to change colors of the bars - you can set specific color for each Legend category How to use Small Multiple feature: Visuals have following additional “small multiple” field buckets: - Column By - Row By (can be filled only together with Column By) User can define rows and columns of the visual in two ways: - Set both “Row By” and “Column By” field buckets. In this case rows and columns will be generated based on those category values - Set only “Column By” field bucket and leave “Row By” empty. In that case there will be only one dimension of small multiple categories, and small multiples will be generated from left to right and wrap to the next row – similar as left-to-right text direction in a page. Note: Color saturation can be set only if Legend is not set. Hope you enjoy our custom visual for Power BI! If you have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact at

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