Revenue Dashboard

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Financial dashboards that helps CFOs and executives to make quick informed decisions

In the current age of technology, more than before, economic experts and divisions are under extreme pressure to deliver immediate insights and trustworthy financial reports while pushing the corporation’s performance higher.

Revenue dashboards are often used by Executives, board members and financial managers to track the money across numerous departments for different timelines. These dashboards help executives to make meaningful decisions and have a deeper understanding of their budgeted money in the pipeline. An organization will improve its executives’ insights, as well as, reduce the chances that managers miss important trends if this is used as part of good business practices in a Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) department instead of analysing revenues through financial statements.

By using revenue dashboards, a company can swiftly learn and estimate all the available data accurately, and in real-time. In this dashboard, we have provided a dashboard to analyze your revenue across various regions and business units. A summary dashboard to have a quick glance, as well as a deep look at the performance regions wise, account wise and client wise, are also provided. You can slice and dice the data with various filters like the Account manager or portfolio head. You can connect to your data to quickly generate insights.

Why revenue dashboards?

  1. 1. Monitor and analyze high-level revenue performance in real-time
  2. 2. Generate quick insights across various BUs
  3. 3. Increase productivity with rich and easy to understand KPIs
  4. 4. Unify data from various sources and generate actionable insights
  5. 5. Take informed financial decisions

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