Monitor — mitigate credit risk today!

9 Spokes international Limited

A loan origination and management solution for tomorrow: streamline, save, then delight customers

A lender's core competency relies on the quality of their origination engine and loan management practice. 

Monitor digitizes more of the loan origination process: we collect and connect loan applicant’s data to feed straight into your origination engine. Accelerate the speed to decision and reduce amount of manual-input into the origination process. Empower the lending team to serve customers instead of loan requests.

Loan management is powered by ongoing access to rich business data. Mitigate credit risk with continuous data access unlocking the capability to implement a deeper and more personalized loan management approach all customers. Empower relationship managers to do their job better while minimizing the loan risk.

Monitor streamlines loan origination and management solution that help lenders to:

  • Automate data acquisition
  • Reduce reliance on manual entry and associated errors
  • Accelerate speed-to-loan-decision
  • Fuel origination engine with rich data from accounting, marketing, HR, inventory, and more
  • Empower lending team away from rote data collection and entry work
  • Mitigate loan risk with ongoing data flows