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Agrippa Improvement - a solution for handling deviations and claimes

Agrippa is a logistics tech company based in Norway and Poland that builds technology solutions for customers managing logistics and supply chain. We have a deep knowledge of the grocery market logistics space and have built our solution Agrippa Improvement on a production platform for the whole warehousing, logistics, and distribution ecosystem all the way down to the warehouses of individual stores. The platform-enabled smartphone is the core device that Agrippa uses to help customers quickly, easily and accurately identify and capture information about goods they are receiving at the warehouse. In our solutions we integrate sensors and IoT into the platform. Our customers are primarily large wholesalers of grocery, retail, and fashion items in the Nordic countries and Poland.

Agrippas solutions are LEAN-applications for continuous improvement and claims management. Our platform, Agrippa Improvement, is easy to use, and one of the worlds most advanced, configurable systems in this segment. All features run as a cloud solution with integrations to company ERP systems such as MS Dynamics.

Agrippa Improvement is a service for registering, automated handling, and reporting nonconformances. The service allows for the extensive use of barcodes for goods and their related transports. The platform supports both organizational interactions and between organizations. The notification and feedback of nonconformances are automated which restricts the stream of e-mails thus avoiding wasted time.

Agrippa improvements makes use of images and other relevant captured data (such as location, time, description, barcode, temperature and more) by using the smartphones functionalities. The service provides a good basis for claims and compensation. Procedures and interactions with established vendors can be automated.

Some of the key features included in the Agrippa Improvements core version:

  • Mobile data capture
  • Status overview and dashboard
  • Issue management
  • Checklists and control points
  • Task calendar
  • Access to procedure descriptions
  • Contact register
  • Process and template designer
  • Experience-based process templates
  • Role and rights management
  • Automatic issue assignment
  • Excel reporting
  • Issue consolidation

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