Beagle GPT

firmy Decision Point Analytics Inc

Powered by GPT, the Beagle conversation analytical tool provides real-time insights into your data

Beagle is a conversational analytics tool powered by GPT, designed to help you gain valuable insights from your data with ease. Beagle streamlines data adoption in your organization through its user-friendly interface and effortless collaboration features.

Beagle is a simple and powerful conversational analytics tool, perfect for everyone in the organization, from the leadership team to managers, analysts, sales reps, and store managers who need data and insights on the go.

Unique Benefits:

  1. Accelerated Adoption- Drive incremental adoption of existing dashboards, leveraging data visualization for informed decision-making and improved performance.
  2. Natural Language-based Visual Interaction- Ask for facts and insights in a natural way, without requiring in-depth knowledge of specific tools or concepts.
  3. Cross-Platform Integration- Integrate with dashboard platforms like Power BI & Tableau and with transaction systems like SAP
  4. Dynamic Visualization- Beagle provides precise information through a variety of user-centric graphs and charts.
  5. Byte-Size Information- Utilize streamlined methods to effectively analyze concise and manageable pieces of information, enabling swift insights and informed decision-making.
  6. Automatic Nudges- Beagle sends proactive nudges based on users' usage pattern and data deviations.
  7. One-Stop App for Streamlined Communication- Narrative Board for efficient & swift exchange of ideas, information & resources among different teams, fostering seamless cooperation and accelerated progress towards shared goals.

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