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LMS365 (Modern)


4.0 (14)

LMS365 is the multi-award-winning Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS365 is the multi-award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) that enables your organization to deliver training on the Microsoft 365 platform through SharePoint, Teams and Mobile devices providing a familiar environment for your staff, partners and customers. Seamlessly integrated

With LMS365 you enter a well-known environment. Type in your usual password and the platform already knows your profile, job and training needs.

Highly customizable

LMS365 can get you exactly what you want - in both look and feel! As part of a huge eco-system, there is literally no end to the additional features and apps you can add to the LMS.

Easier to use

It's simple, LMS365 is built into Office 365 and SharePoint making it one of the easiest systems to use for both administrators and learners.

Faster to deploy

LMS365 is up and running within just a couple of hours. Everything runs within Microsoft Cloud. Start training today!

Note: This LMS365 App is designed for the Modern SharePoint Framework. If you are using the Classic SharePoint Sites you should install the add-in which includes (Classic) in the title.