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Debble Workplace


Debble Workplace - ready to go intranet and collaboration space

With Debble Workplace you are all set on your new intranet. This intranet never gets out-dated because we are always upgrading and moving along with Microsoft. You get the best communication and collaboration toolset out there!

Debble Workplace has been around for a couple of years now and has a footprint all over the globe with active usage on every continent. Customers vary from small sized companies with 100 users up until big international companies with a workforce of up to 30.000 users.

We offer a very comprehensive toolset, out of the box, built in Office 365, leveraging SharePoint, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, Planner, Skype for Business and the powerful Azure cloud platform. With our provisioning platform running on Azure, you are 100% in charge of you future digital workplace. Our product comes packed with a set of pre-defined templates, but you are also able yo build on top of that using our provisioning platform.

Debble Workplace allows you to start quick and deliver fast without compromising your own growth and needs.

Extra noteworthy is our unique homepage! We bring you a modern SharePoint experience with the Debble Widgetzone built in. This means that every user can setup his own homepage, without editing the page or any other complex stuff. Just drag-and-drop. That's it!

Out of the box:
- Unique homepage with personal widgets
- News channels
- News targeting
- Mobile app
- Who is who
- Collaboration teamsite overview
- Teamsites with Microsoft Teams integration
- Department Sites
- Office Location Sites
- Vacancy Board
- 100% responsive
- Modern SharePoint

Debble Workplace is available in 17 languages including English, Dutch, French, Spanisch, Italian and many others! Contact us for the complete and up to date list of supported languages.