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RMx Suite for Trade Revenue Management

Flintfox International Limited

4.3 (3)

Price management, promotions pricing and rebate management for any ERP

RMx is a hyper performance pricing engine, handling complex price calculations with sub-millisecond response times. With a real-time pricing engine, accurate prices are delivered to customers while sales discounts, rebates, promotional tactics are executed across any sales channel, offering one source of pricing.

Streamlined processes and pricing speed

Consolidate pricing systems and reduce reliance on spreadsheets, enabling you to calculate pricing changes anytime and anywhere. Plan and execute complex promotions through numerous promotional tactics while managing different channels and promotions in one application.

Improved pricing accuracy

Guard against pricing calculation errors and automate ERP reconciliation to eliminate manual entry mistakes by leveraging a single source of pricing truth regardless of requesting application.

Gain better margin insights and visibility

Have a deeper understanding of trade profitability. Utilize real-time transaction analysis and performance updates to drive incremental sales, via cross and up-sell, advanced mix and match promotions, and complex offers.