AI Tele-Rehab & RPM Solution for Post COVID Challenges

ForaHealthyMe Inc.

COVID-19 solutions, remote patient care, tele-rehab, post-op, pre-op, post-surgery outcomes, data

ForaHealthyMe Inc. delivers low-cost AI & machine learning telehealth & tele-rehab technology solutions to address the gaps in care for Pre-Op and Post-Op Musculoskeletal, Cardiology, Neurological & Cognitively impaired patients. 

From the moment the patient is diagnosed, through to surgery, discharge and rehab, patients can be transferred and managed by different care teams based on the patient’s status on the same platform.

Pain Point

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact and will continue to disrupt health care delivery for the foreseeable future. For instance, across the health system: 

  • The pandemic led to many untimely deaths for non-COVID-19 related patients. Death rates for stroke, oncology and cardiology patients increased.   
  • In many cases, surgical procedures cancelled or delayed during COVID waves one and two resulted in an increased surgical backlog and poor health outcomes.   
  • Post-COVID-19 patients, including those not admitted to hospital, are expected to have high needs for physical, psychological, and cognitive rehabilitation (long-COVID). 

What Do Partners and Buyers say?

  • "ForaHealthyMe offers a big solution to a big problem that the health care sector is currently facing."
  • "ForaHealthyMe offers a solution that helps ensure the patient is in their best physical state prior to entering the hospital and achieves the best results once discharged. 
  • "ForaHealthyMe addresses a current need in the healthcare sector which was highlighted throughout this year with the COVID-19 pandemic."

Report - Southlake Regional Healthcare - Newmarket, Ontario, Canada 

Benefits to Providers / Institutions

Low-cost solutions are needed to: 

  • Reduce costs and manage wait times 
  • Enable remote care to prepare patients for surgery
  • Support post-op rehab and care
  • Prepare for the future needs of COVID-19 long-haulers