firmy Fractal Analytics Inc. - Dynamic Demand AI

Do you want to unlock revenue growth through better Demand Forecasting?

Are your Demand Planners facing these issues?

· Low forecast accuracy and bias at granular levels

· Manual processes limiting the ability to manage long tail

· Reactive and slow response to changing demand patterns

· Inability to identify and quantify the impact of drivers on demand

· Poor new item forecasting

Asper, enabled by Azure, is a tailored product for CPG and Retail to address these challenges and help demand planners make decisions at scale. It is integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Retail and utilizes its Common Data Model for a 3X faster deployment.

Our platform blends intelligent AI-based recommendations with collaborative, automated workflows to improve demand sensing consistently, drive top-line growth and minimize working capital costs.

An AI-First approach followed by Asper enables the demand planners to achieve the following:

· Anticipate future risks by acting as an early warning system

· Quantify the risks and opportunities, and attribute them to internal and external demand drivers

· Collaborate effectively with stakeholders using forward-looking AI-based forecasts and a highly intuitive UI

· Automated recommendations for forecast adjustment allowing for manual overrides and integration into existing planning systems

Maximize the value of your data, build a real-time, sustainable supply chain and enable agile scenario planning for your Enterprise by leveraging the power of Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Asper.

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