HealthVision : Remote Patient Management Platform

Millennium I.T.E.S.P. Pvt Ltd

Remote Patient Management Platform

HealthVision by MillenniumIT ESP provides a web-enabled, mobile responsive, intuitive platform for medical personals to get connected with their patients remotely, record their current health / safety / risks through a guided questionnaire, visual capture of their expressions /symptoms / symptom history etc and have continues communication on a daily basis. The patients can securely access HealthVision platform through a URL and use the health vision mobile app or sign in via OTP sent across to their mobile for authentication. Each recorded case will be identified with a unique case number which is provided to the patient for future reference. The medical personals can access the patient's assessments / inquiries through the application’s admin panel. They can also communicate via video, voice and even chat. The admin panel would provide a valuable insights to identify the patient's current status, and provide them all the resources to have a positive mind set & to also follow medical guidance given by the medical personals. HealthVision provides the medical personals a detailed information of symptoms and video captures of the cases, risk ratings to priorities the cases and the ability to customize questionnaires and workflows. In addition, HealthVision automatically allocates cases to medical personals allocated in the system.