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Foundry helps organizations leverage data and AI in operations to power decisions-making.

Palantir Foundry is a cross-industry, SaaS software platform and operating system for the modern enterprise.

Data and analytics are only useful when they can be integrated, protected, trusted, and infused into a wide range of operational workflows. Most modern organizations possess a wealth of data, modeling, and analytical assets but falter somewhere along the perilous journey of transforming these assets into key operational decisions and wins. Foundry is a readily-deployable, end-to-end operational platform. Rather than investing months or years, Foundry can produce transformative outcomes in weeks or days.

Foundry is used by operators — you could be working on an assembly line in Minneapolis or in a hospital in New York City. At just Airbus, 8,000 front line workers are in Foundry every day. The platform captures decisions in the form of write-back and makes them available to data and analytical teams. Decisions are taken in harmony with the rest of the data and application landscape in what we like to call a “closed-loop operation.”

Foundry powers operational decision-making through an open architecture to generate:

  • Secure, scalable, and resilient integration of relevant data and models into an Ontology
  • Workflow and application builders that capture “decision context” from end users
  • Decision exploration; branch and simulate different scenarios – at full scale
  • Monitoring and alerting frameworks for navigating changes in operation conditions
  • Decision orchestration back to core systems

Many of the world’s most important institutions use Foundry to build safer cars and airplanes, secure global supply chains, distribute vaccines, detect financial crime, accelerate cancer research, and more.

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