Pobuca Customer Voice


Analyze conversations from all touchpoints and extract customer experience alerts and insights

Pobuca Customer Voice helps you to truly “know your customers”, collect and process customer feedback to get valuable insights, and turn this feedback to actions towards your customers.

With Pobuca Customer voice you can analyze all customer communications in natural language from any touchpoint, voice recordings, emails, chats, social media, and extract customer experience alerts and insights.

Pobuca Customer Voice integrates with all the different customer service touchpoints like, emails, web form, chats, call centers etc.

  • First, it builds a customer database or it matches customers with existing entries in your CRM system.
  • Second, it analyzes what they say and builds segments based on their needs and customer experience alerts.
  • Third, it can automate your responses based on those segments and alerts, while it offers insights of how you could improve CX in the long term.