SOFTEL Teams Upgrade Avaya

SOFTEL Communications Inc.

Microsoft Teams as an upgrade to Avaya Video Conferencing

Avaya Video Conferencing has its own advantages for providing equipment and solutions for conferencing and face-to-face collaborations. It’s popularity during the current pandemic – and the stability concerns – have all been well publicized. Faced with a prolonged period of remote working and siloed groups of both internal and external parties, Microsoft Teams allows you to expand beyond meetings and files shares – to a full suite of collaboration tools that seamlessly integrate with your existing Office 365 products. Teams Rooms allow you to set up working groups with their own document repositories, which are available across SharePoint and OneDrive. Teams Apps and Widgets provide seamless integrations with internal and external vendor solutions and automation. Within the same ecosystem, Microsoft Power Tools allow you to automate tasks, create and output business intelligence reports,, creating a fully-formed, feature-rich collaboration platform for any size of working group.