UNpkl Network Traffic Control & Protection


UNpkl provides visibility of all data connections and enables easy policy configuration.

Looking to get full visibility and control of your network?

UNpkl Network Traffic Control & Protection provides developers and security architects with full visibility of their network traffic. With UNpkl software installed on a virtual machine, users and administrators can get all the data connections the virtual machine has established, both inbound and outbound. For troubleshooting, forensics and auditing purposes, having a complete record of network connections is the first step to conduct successful root cause analysis. Your entire network data can be written back to your designated storage, which empowers you to own your own data and produce the perfect analysis for your business needs.

Protect your virtual machines and ensure your network safety with allow, block and segmentation policies. Custom polices can be configured easily to block or whitelist web addresses based on your business needs, by simply sending text messages like commands to managed platforms via "search and command" interface. You can manage access at scale with tagging and grouping sources and destinations, while maintaining granular control and flexibility for each management unit.

Threat detection is real-time. When risky connections are established, you will be alerted and recommended to take actions to block the connection. With UNpkl cloud subscription, you can get visibility and take control of your on-premise network security anywhere, on the go.  

Want to extend UNpkl capabilities from virtual machine to your physical devices? Order UNpkl router and manage your wifi network with all UNpkl features from