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Achieve better scrum team efficiency and performance for teams following agile methodology

Stakeholders want to have a holistic view of the current and historical iteration details but doesn't have the data or dashboard readily available to see all details easily in one place. They would like to see how many user stories are accomplished per iteration and task breakdown. Furthermore, get insight into how many bugs are being generated per story, per iteration and by team member. These details although available through Azure DevOps, it is not feasible to see in one place.


The Azure DevOps Dashboard will help stakeholders to assess month over month iteration health and measure iteration output and get insight into development details. Measurements here will help evaluate.

- Current and historic iteration status (Number of User stories and bugs and breakdown of all tasks)

- Holistic view of current iteration including current progress, critical items and outstanding bugs.

- Breakdown of bugs per user.

- Work item by state.

- Work Item assignment breakdown by user.

With the details gained above, stakeholders will be able to understand month over month iteration details and examine the data from many different angles. They can easily compare multiple iterations and combine and see details for the whole. 

This solution applies to agile process in Azure DevOps only. Please check prerequisites (here) before you connect to Azure DevOps. Ensure you are granted the View Analytics for the project. 

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