Omnio for Azure IoT

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Omnio Industrial device onboarding made easy with Azure edge management

Connect your Manufacturing Shop floor to Azure IoT in minutes
Omnio is specialists in connecting and understanding Operational Technology, we have read the manuals of thousands of OT Devices to make it simple for you to connect and understand the data delivered by your OT devices. 

Omnio for Azure IoT - drives unprecedented speed and simplicity 
Connecting OT devices to IT systems is difficult, you need to have Automation specialists who understand the devices in detail to be able to connect them - this can be done if you have a few devices but if you have a 100 or thousands of devices it will break all ROI for your Industry 4.0 initiative. 
Omnio for Azure IoT breaks the current barrier for scaling your Industry 4.0 initiatives - Omnio's wast collection of device profiles and the simple to use UI allows users to speed up connectivity and have real-life data streaming in minutes instead of days, months or in some instances years.

Data normalization from OT equipment is yet a massive barrier for scaling.
When you have connected your devices you have to interpret the data they deliver - each device manufacturer has different communication methods, an example; some use Mph others Kmh others again meters per second, as most manufacturing environments are not homogenous but build over decades the equipment on the shop floor is very different. The only way to understand the data is by reading the manuals of each of the devices you need to understand. 
Omnio's wast understanding of OT devices offers yet a great time to value acceleration, Omnio calls it Data Unification, Users of Omnio for Azure IoT does not have to read any manuals, or code data normalization before data can be consumed. Omnio offers a standard Unified data model across device manufactures and models. Simply connect and you are ready to go. 

Start small - scale fast - with predictable costs
Omnio offers users a free trial, Omnio helps you get started, and offers predictable purchasing options:
    • Pay as you go - sign up with your credit card - minimum spend € 100,00 per year
    • Prepay - buy a set of device months for as little as € 1.000,00 per year
    • Enterprise: 1. Site-based license 2. Full "all you can eat" license -  Negotiated separately.