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SparkBeyond Ideation AI


SparkBeyond is connecting AI to business and social impact.

SparkBeyond is connecting AI to business & social impact: SparkBeyond’s Ideation AI empowers business leaders with technology & methodology to discover deep insights and actionable intelligence in complex data, generating > $1B in impact across 20+ industries SparkBeyond is a purpose-driven company, actively pairing use-cases that deliver social impact with business impact (‘doing well while doing good’) Microsoft & SparkBeyond are bringing Ideation AI on Azure to enterprise clients, connecting ‘infra to impact’: Leveraging cognitive services & compute to deliver impact on client’s top business pain-points Operationalizing use-cases and mobilizing agile, impact sequenced, digital transformations on Azure In 2017, SparkBeyond’s technology generated over $1B in measurable impact for clients across 20+ industries - use cases in churn, risk, HR, underwriting, cross sell / upsell location optimization, etc.