UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker

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Looking for a solution to administer and deploy Windows and Linux VDI on Azure?

The UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker dramatically simplifies virtual desktops management in Azure. All administration tasks can be easily performed through the really user-friendly interface of UDS Enterprise.

This VDI and vApp broker brings VDI automation to a higher level, helping IT admins optimizing their work achieving greater agility in the deployment and management of virtual desktops.

Substantial cost savings are obtained thanks to the automatic scheduling of the virtual desktops' deployment and removal.

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UDS Enterprise key features:

  • Connection broker to manage and deploy Windows & Linux virtual desktops and apps
  • Remote access to virtual and physical machines
  • It automatically manages its full life cycle in a safe, quick and simple way
  • It allows enabling multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols to run simultaneously
  • Guaranteed high availability for your virtual desktops and applications
  • Open Source based: 100% customizable desktop virtualization platform
  • No licenses, subscriptions based on number of users, including support and product updates
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