Freight Cost Management

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Experience seamless freight cost management with Awara IT's innovative solution tailored for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our solution empowers you to effortlessly handle invoicing selections across various shipping methods while providing comprehensive cost information and accurate freight calculations.


• Freight Costs Management: Streamline your freight cost operations with automated calculation and updates. • Diverse Shipping Options: Choose from a range of shipping methods and parameters to meet your unique needs. • Margin Monitoring: Opt for additional margin monitoring based on selected shipping methods, allowing sales teams to set customer prices for maximum profitability.


Our solution is ideal for retail, manufacturing, and carrier companies seeking to optimize delivery solutions and implement customer-centric pricing strategies. It caters to sales managers, financial controllers, and accountants looking to enhance operational efficiency.


• Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics, enhancing freight cost management capabilities. • Customize shipping options based on parameters such as delivery types, transportation modes, and geographic locations. • Automatically calculates freight costs in sales orders, providing accurate estimations and updates based on actual costs from freight agents.


• Streamlined Setup: Effortlessly configure shipping settings to suit your business requirements. • Simplified Cost Calculation: Calculate freight costs directly from the sales order card for enhanced efficiency. • Freight Tracking: Capture estimates and update with actual freight costs for accurate financial planning. • Profitability Insights: Gain valuable visibility into planned margins to optimize profitability.


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