Discover Your Data: 3-Day Assessment

Advaiya Solutions Inc.

A 3-day assessment to understand current reporting, data, and analytical capabilities. Provides a report of findings and actionable recommendations.

This 3-day assessment includes the following:

  • Interviews and data gathering with principal individuals including Business Decision Makers (BDM), Technical Decision Makers (TDM), and IT Directors/Managers to gather data sources, understand pain points, and identify gaps
  • Analysis and reports that assess current reporting wants and needs, how to transform your data to meet these wants and needs, and establish a capabilities roadmap to deliver these wants and needs.


An Assessment Summary including findings and recommendations that cover:

  • Current level of data infrastructure readiness, gaps and recommendations
  • Recommended hardware, software and other Specifications
  • Recommended migration approach (if any from current vendor)
  • Identification of risks and possible mitigation strategies

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