Establishing PowerApps Roadmap: 2 Weeks Workshops

Advancya Technologies

Experience PowerApps digital transformation with our professional consultancy services

We offer our professional services to enable Enterprises and Government Entities to leverage the power of PowerApps to quickly design, build and deploy innovative applications to help enhance your work environment, by providing consultancy services to review your business processes and help formulate a Plan Of Attack as a baseline for your PowerApps implementation. We will conduct the 1st week workshops on daily basis (2 hour session per day), and in second week we will be working on the documentation and finalizing the Scope Of Work document. The outcome of the 2 weeks workshop will be providing a Scope Of Work document detailing all the business processes that can be moved to PowerApps along with their Visio BPMN diagram flow charts.

Agenda: Day 1: 3 hour workshop: PowerApps introduction with live examples. Day 2: 3 hour workshop: Understanding your Business (01/03). Day 3: 3 hour workshop: Understanding your Business (02/03). Day 4: 3 hour workshop: Understanding your Business (03/03). Day 5: 3 hour workshop: Recap of 1st week and setting expectations for next week. Days 6 & 7: Internal development of Business Requirements Document. Day 8: 3 hour workshop: Review Business Requirements Document first draft. Day 9: Internal finalization of BRD and Scope Of Work. Day 10: 2 hour workshop: Final Recap of Engagement, presenting BRD & Scope of Work.

Using Microsoft PowerApps on top of Office365, we can bifurcate the burden of producing organization applications by leveraging client’s existing Office365 tenant to easily add PowerApp applications that directly synch with their various cloud sources including Dynamics, SharePoint, OneDrive, and other resources.

This approach results in having a Quick Turnaround solution that directly tackles the granular business problem/s of the client, and using PowerApps Low-code development, are able to quickly and cost-efficiently produce and publish and distribute an application across the entire organization with minor overhead

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