Modernize your Applications with PowerApps: 2 weeks implementation

Armis, Sistemas de Informação, Lda

Design a business process of your choice and build a basic PowerApp as a working solution that you can use to automate your process and showcase it within your organization.

Microsoft 365 offers many possibilities for solving complex business challenges with low-code applications. In order to test those possibilities in the real world, the Microsoft 365 Power Apps Proof of Concept is your next step. Our Microsoft 365 Power Apps Proof of Concept is a two weeks engagement that will help you build out a solution for a use case you identify with the help of a Power Platform architect. To begin, we will examine the identified challenge, the solution concept, your existing processes, user personas, and your environment within Office 365. After that, we'll decide what can realistically be achieved during the Proof of Concept (POC) phase and determine how further expansion can be achieved.

Day 1: Review our clients' current business processes and demonstration on how to use Microsoft PowerApps Day 2: Document scope and requirements and sign off. Day 3 to 8: Creating and integrating business process workflows with PowerApps. Day 9 and 10: Deliver POC app with applicable document(s).

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