Power BI Architecture : 4-Wk Assessment

Atos International SAS

BI architecture assessment for formulating a BI Strategy and Roadmap

This offering is for BI architecture assessment of the of the current platform currently including Power App, Partner Apps, Power Automate for formulating a BI Strategy and Roadmap. Consideration are given to the following aspects- Analyse the current issues, challenges and gaps in the BI Capabilities and provide recommendation for improvements. Leveraging right tools and framework to enable insights and decision making for providing quick time to value. Identify low hanging fruits and provide a short and long term plans for building the BI Capabilities to address the business vision and goals for BI.

Differentiators -

Extensive expertise in the architecture transformation and modernization domain to address business pains areas and business objective providing business efficiencies Leverage best practices and past expertise while building the target state for ensuring business insights and decision making. We will build upon our knowledge of your as-is environment together with our understanding of your strategic technology direction. Leverage a pragmatic approach to technology, leveraging tools and methods.

Key activities-

Assess maturity of the BI capabilities across people, processes, information and BI mission. Architecture Assessment covering BI strategy, architecture definition and roadmap recommendations. Leverage proven evaluation, frameworks to assess, define & deliver BI architecture roadmap and implementation.

Benefits for Client -

Assessment by experienced professionals having BI architecture and implementation experience in technology transformations across industry.

Pricing is estimated based on the assumption that it would need 3 consultants for a period of 4 weeks.

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