Viva Insights Employee Experience Engagement: 1 Month Proof of Concept

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Enhance Employee Experience with Microsoft Viva Insights - helping employees and business thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations to improve productivity and wellbeing.

Discover how Microsoft Viva enables organizations to build meaningful relationships & actionable insights around Employee Burnout & Employee Attrition, thus enabling decision-makers to improve employee wellbeing, eventually reducing attrition.

Get started today with Microsoft Viva Connections

• Design Thinking Experts: Analyst capable of Emphatically understanding the Problem statement & crafting Solution playground. • Viva Insight Analyst: Empowered analyst capable of delivering insights using Viva Insights • Power Bi Analyst: Power BI Devs capable of Bringing data from Viva Insights & HCM applications to build custom Attrition reports. • Viva Insights 360 Diagnostic: Uncover insights through deep-dive analytics to solve high-value business challenges around employee performance, Attrition, Impact of Burnout

How Celebal Technologies can help you in your journey: Stitch Content, Business Knowledge & Delivery Vehicle to spin up Powerful Employee experience.

1- Ideate to Innovate “Design Thinking Methodology” • 5 days Design Thinking workshop to identify paint points, their root cause & ideate solutions envisioning Report formats, insights, data Points. • Pre-Defined Templates to Identify & record use cases, associated Data points, Prioritize them.

2- Services –Implement Reports & connectors. • Our Viva Insights experts will help you onboard Viva Insights, structure your organizational data file, build Connectors (if required) to your HCM System and build custom reports merging HCM data & Viva Insights data. • We assist you with setting up templates, mining insights from the data, and communicating effectively using executive-ready PowerPoint presentations. • Build Data Pipelines from Enterprise apps/ERP/CRM to merge with Viva Insights data.

3- Services – Build Sustainable BI approach- Stitching content, data & people Insights into actionable story collaboration • Build Insights with different perspective like CEO Insights, HR Manager Insights, leaders Insight etc.. • Build rich Data integration (ETL, ELT, data virtualization, etc) pipeline/Connectors from source systems. • Drive adoption and change management initiative to realize the value of your investment in Viva Insights.

Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement

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