Customer Insights Retail: 1 Hr Assessment

Cloud 9 Infosystems, Inc.

Cloud 9 Infosystems will assess your retail related business needs and determine how Customer Insights can help you unify your customers disparate data to gain single view of customers.


Data tells a story and the story of a customer is crucial for any business. Start your Dynamics 365 Customer Insights journey with Cloud 9 Infosystems and learn how to leverage a self-service and extensible customer data platform. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights enables organizations of all sizes to bring together diverse data sets, generate knowledge & actionable insights to build a holistic 360° view of their customers.

  • Incomplete customer profile
  • Lack of measures and segments
  • Inability to predict customer dropout
  • Insufficient tools to determine customer choices
  • Inability to analyze customer feedback

We will have an interactive discussion to gain insight into your retail organization and understand the Current consumer analytics environment, Current Business goals and Current Gaps/Pain Points.


Capture your high-value customers and create a strategic plan to grow your retail industry.

Proposal document details:

  • Current gaps and requirements
  • High-level recommendation for optimized use of Customer Insights
  • 360-degree view of all customers
  • KPI, Measures & Segments
  • System architecture as per the current environment
  • Integration with different power platform apps, Dynamics 365 apps & Microsoft Teams
  • Best practices for security
  • AI and custom ML models

** Proposal will be provided 1-2 weeks of completing the assessment. Please come prepared with supporting information to aid in a mutually successful discussion about your business needs per the above agenda.

** Restrictions may apply for Free Assessment. Please contact Cloud 9 Infosystems to find out if your organization qualifies for this free engagement.

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