Data visualization: 10+ week implementation

CloudMoyo Inc

Make informed decisions and obtain insights faster with CloudMoyo Decision Analytics, powered by Microsoft Azure and Power BI.

In today's world, storing and analyzing large volumes of data in increasing velocity is becoming more and more challenging. Organizations are pouring manual efforts into reporting, cause errors, drawn-out processes, and a lack of insights. There is difficulty identifying gaps in data and quality issues.

CloudMoyo Decision Analytics brings data visualization integration to the modern enterprise. We help you make intelligent decisions, accelerate innovation, analyze trends, and forecast outcomes through data analytics. With our descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical capabilities, CloudMoyo can help you convert data into quantifiable business outcomes. Powered by Microsoft Azure, CloudMoyo enables organizations to be data-ready and gain actionable insights by taking a data-driven approach.

CloudMoyo capabilities for Decision Analytics include:

  1. Data visualization integration
  2. What-if analysis with what-if parameters in Power BI
  3. Self-service analysis
  4. Geo visualization Answer-generating applications

In engaging with CloudMoyo in a Decision Analytics implementation, you can expect to gain:

  1. Self-service BI and embedded dashboards for complete ownership and data liberation
  2. KPIs and executive dashboards for targeted reporting and near real-time insights for decision-making
  3. Real-time analytics and alerting to capture trends, make time-sensitive decisions, increase productivity, and avoid incidences

Our FastTracktoValue approach follows a 10-24 week timeline, depending on the scope of the project. In the first 1-3 weeks, we conduct an assessment and lay out the BI strategy. In weeks 4-6, we provide a quick proof of technology. From week 7 onwards, we implement a targeted, high-visibility project for management and train-the-trainer.

*Disclaimer: Please contact us for a detailed pricing quote. The price listed for this consulting engagement is NOT $1. Pricing varies depending on the scope of services or project.

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