Catalyst: Efficient Vendor Management: 2-Day Workshop

Columbus Global

Improve your Supply Chain visibility with intelligent vendor management

Columbus is offering a workshop for businesses that want to enhance their vendor management and gain better visibility of their supply chain. This workshop focuses on using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance or Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to manage inventory more effectively, reduce lead times, and improve vendor performance.

This workshop will guide you through the process of transforming your vendor management approach. We'll address common challenges and develop solutions to overcome them.

The main goal of the workshop is to help you gain real business value. You'll learn how to deploy the right Microsoft technology, make the process user-friendly, and involve the key people in your organization to ensure the project's success.

Key Details:

The workshop is available globally and can be conducted remotely, on-site, or in a hybrid format using online tools. It includes preparatory activities, at least two half-day workshops, and a series of follow-up meetings. It's important for key stakeholders in your business, like senior executives, directors, and system end-users, to participate.

Participants don't need to be IT experts. A good understanding of your current processes and future needs is what's most important.

Workshop Breakdown:

  • 1. Understanding Your Needs: A pre-workshop call to tailor the content to your business.
  • 2. Strategy & Discovery: Analyzing your business strategy, stakeholder priorities, and current operations.
  • 3. Optimization & Prioritization: At least two half-day workshops with key stakeholders to focus on value and priorities.
  • 4. Co-creating Solutions & Value Mapping: Reviewing and prioritizing ideas and initiatives.
  • 5. The Result, Plan & Playback: Presenting a proposal with expected outcomes and recommendations.
  • Based on your current situation, our discussions, and industry best practices, you'll receive a proposal with next steps and improvements in areas like strategy, technology, and business processes.

    Why Invest Time and Effort?

    Effective vendor management is key to a flexible supply chain. It impacts everything from planning and procurement to production, distribution, and delivery. Having control over this allows you to foresee and prevent any issues with supplier performance. Benefits include:

  • Optimizing your supplier base to cut costs.
  • Diversifying suppliers to reduce reliance on certain areas.
  • Predicting and preparing for supply chain issues in advance.
  • Choosing suppliers that are eco-friendly and ethical.
  • However, this is not just an IT project but a complex business transformation. Deploying the right technology is essential, but strength in various disciplines is also crucial. Attention must be paid to factors beyond technology, focusing on business value and building a team capable of addressing all challenges. Common obstacles include data availability and quality, tech stack integrations, change management, stakeholder engagement, and more.

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