Teams Contact Centre 1-Wk Implementation

CommsChoice Pty Ltd

Contact Centre, PCI Compliant Call Recording and AI Powered Call Analytics for the Teams Phone System

Discovery, Design, Planning and implementation of Contact Centre solutions for the Teams Phone System.

Our call centre and contact centre solutions for Microsoft Teams come in three varieties. When you need a phone system for a call centre, CommsChoice has a range of solutions to suit with on premises and Cloud solutions including native, semi-native and hybrid contact centre solutions.

CommsChoice Insights Call Recording as a Service solution (CRaaS) for the Microsoft Teams Phone System. Insights uses true Cloud technology to capture all customer/agent audio and screen interaction. Insights call recording software completely eliminates the cost of on-site hardware and back-up systems, effortlessly adjusting to the size of any business with scalable, affordable pricing.

The CommsChoice Insights program indexes and arranges call recordings from the Microsoft Teams Phone System. When indexing your call recordings, Insights recognises caller sentiment, the agent's emotional responses and will highlight positive and negative words and cross talk. Insights, powered by AI capabilities, sorts through the massive volume of call data and converts it to a useable data base of Q&A that become more accurate over time.

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