Dynamics 365 Field Service: 6 wk Implementation

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Implementing Dynamics 365 Field Service gives your organization an advantage over your competitors.

World-class customer service with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Field service is a central part of many companies that work with installations and service on-site and the digital transformation they are undergoing. This has made contact with the Field Service Department and the technicians on-site one of the few opportunities a vendor has to directly interact with the customer - an interaction that can turn a bad customer experience into a customer ambassador for many years to come.

World-class field service requires not only structured processes and workflows but also a world-class field service system. A structured way of working with scheduling of resources, management of different types of work such as installations, inspections and proactive maintenance, but also to provide your technicians with a mobile solution with all the tools they need to complete their work on-site, including all customer data such as information from sales, service agreement and previous issues.

To be competitive on today’s market, companies need to provide service at the highest level. From effective scheduling of technicians to proactively making sure all installed assets are working as they should. Dynamics 365 Field Service offers all of this.

At CRMK, we have extensive experience and can help your organization implement and customize Dynamics 365 Field Service to fit your specific needs and take your service to the next level. We know what it takes to develop and strengthen sustainable customer relationships.

For a successful implementation, we see three overall steps:

Initial training in the standard solution

  • To know what is included, what is time consuming to develop and what is not, all to have the most effective development in the coming implementation.

Five workshops to define the current state, desired state, and strategic goals.

  • To capture requirements

Step-by-step implementation

  • Focus on a working Field Service process for customers (Minimum Viable Product).
  • Testing and verifying the solution.

Depending on how much you want to customize your "standard" no-code solutions, it may take more or less time to develop the solution. The more logic and automation that is required, the more initial work is required. The more complex your organization is when it comes to stakeholder management, the more project management is required. We usually estimate around 15-20% of development time for project management.

We work in an iterative and agile way, using the Azure DevOps tool to gather all requirements, solutions, and test results for full transparency. Access requests can take time and cost, so please prepare in advance so that we can quickly get started with the work. We usually have no knowledge of your data, so we cannot estimate the time required for data migration.

No integrations are currently estimated, neither is migration.

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