Microsoft 365 Copilot Academy: 4-Month Implementation

Cyclotron Inc.

Cyclotron’s comprehensive 4-month Copilot Academy offer supports an organization’s Microsoft 365 Copilot journey from beginning (Get Ready), middle (Deploy & Educate and Optimize), and end (Sustain).

This Microsoft 365 Copilot Academy offer focuses on educating and preparing users with Copilot licenses to help achieve the productivity gains Microsoft Copilot offers. This two-part engagement spans across the Educate and Optimize phases and helps clients:

Learn what Microsoft 365 Copilot is.

Understand the common and distinct functionality across the applications, such as email and meeting/action item summary, Microsoft 365 chat, composing documents and presentations with Microsoft 365 Copilot, prompting effectively, etc.

Learn how to use Microsoft 365 Copilot in their day-to-day roles within the context of their organization.

This offer consists of two-parts that span over the course of approximately four (4) months.

Part 1 – Educate (~1 Month):

Develop a tailored engagement/communication plan with corresponding Change Leadership materials including communication messages, videos, Quick Reference Guides, etc. for in-scope Microsoft 365 Copilot licensed employees.

For Corporate Communications employee(s) (or equivalent group or project team members), the goal is to reduce the level of effort required in developing a plan and materials to educate their employees about Microsoft 365 Copilot.

For employees, the goal is to introduce Microsoft 365 Copilot in a simple way, so they understand the benefits of today’s functionality, such as summarizing meeting notes, using Microsoft 365 chat, prompting effectively, etc.

Review the engagement plan and corresponding materials with the Corporate Communications counterpart(s) and execute according to the engagement plan. Note: this engagement plan will be in alignment with technical license go-live activities.

Prep for the Optimized phase by beginning to identify key stakeholder groups/personas and corresponding representatives. Note: If the organization has completed the Microsoft 365 Copilot Jumpstart Workshop previously, key stakeholder groups/personas have already been identified.

Part 2 – Optimize (~3 Months):

Contextualize Microsoft 365 Copilot by understanding the major “friction points” for your key stakeholder groups/personas and show how Microsoft 365 Copilot can address these friction points and save time, work more efficiently, etc.

This is completed through a series of working sessions over 3 months.

This implementation engagement results in the following:

Part 1 – Educate (~1 Month):

Deliverables: Tailored Microsoft 365 Copilot engagement plan and corresponding Change Leadership materials (examples: communications, videos, Quick Reference Guides) that are distributed to in-scope stakeholders within the organization.

Result: Employees will be up and running with Microsoft 365 Copilot and begin to achieve the productivity gains Microsoft 365 Copilot offers.

Part 2 – Optimize (~3 Months):

Deliverables: Up to three (3) working sessions (once a month) where stakeholder group representatives identify activities they would like to change (example: reducing time to capturing meeting notes) and are provided corresponding Change Leadership materials tailored to their specific friction points they can cascade to their counterparts.

Result: Employees know how to use specific features of Microsoft 365 Copilot to alleviate their specific pain points, which in turn frees up time to focus on more value-added work.

This four (4) month engagement costs $115,000 and includes Employee Experience Partner(s) and a project manager. Funding is available.

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