Data Market: 10-Days Implementaton Teams Apps

Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S

Data Market uses Teams' Platform infrastructure to develop applications that will facilitate and practicalize the business volume of your collaborations.

Data Market will support Teams in the following application capabilities: • Personal apps A personal app is a dedicated space or bot to help users focus on their own tasks or view relevant activities. • Tabs Display your web-based content in a tab where people can discuss and work on it together. • Bots Conversations often result in the need to do something (generate an order, review code, check ticket status, and so on). A bot can kick off these kinds of workflows right inside Teams. • Message extensions With message extensions, you can search and share external information. You also can act on a message, such as creating a help ticket based on the content of a channel post.

Application installation steps in your Teams environment: • Making a presentation to introduce Teams apps to customer • The apps that chosen by customer will be implemented to Microsoft Teams • Customizing the apps according to customer’s needs • Testing with pilot users • Dissemination to all users after the test process • Adoption and Change Management

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