Dynamics 365: Quick Startup 2-3 weeks

Definity First

Our Dynamics 365 Quick Startup provides a fast, lightly customized solution to help you optimize your business processes, streamline workflows, and enhance collaboration.

Our Dynamics 365 Quick Startup is an efficient and effective solution that optimizes your business processes, streamlines workflows, and improves collaboration. Our team of experts will evaluate your business needs and create a lightly customized solution that addresses your specific requirements while keeping implementation time and cost to a minimum.

Agenda During our Dynamics 365 Quick Startup, we will cover the following:

  • Obtain insight into how the executive and leadership team currently leverage technology.
  • Identify inefficiencies and potential technology risks.
  • Identify pain points in the current process.
  • Identify modules needed for a new solution.
  • Assess how reporting can be tailored to meet your business needs.
  • Licensing and costs associated with upgrading to Dynamics 365.


  • A lightly customized solution to get you up and running quickly.
  • The functional scope of implementation
  • A delivery plan including resources and costs.
  • Set up Dynamics 365: Customer Service, Sales, or Marketing.
  • Basic contact/opportunity page configuration of standard fields.
  • Functional training: 2 sessions of 1 hr each.
  • Data migration requirements*
  • Supplemental 3rd part components and integration options.
  • You will be up and running in 2-3 weeks.

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