Digitalizations of Form with Power Apps

Dev4Side S.r.l.

We transform forms, usually signed via paper, to digital modules within the Cusomter's intranet. PowerApps will be the platform for building the form and Power Automate will be used for the automation

With our services, our goal is to remove any paper form within the company of our Customers. This specific service is helpful to transform 1 single paper form into a digital application to be delivered from the company intranet inside SharePoint Online, with the use of Power Apps and Power Automate. We consider generating a new form with no more than 30 fields, with automation with no more than 6 approval steps. If you need more, contact us and let us understand your needs in this digitalization initiative.


A digital form with an approval workflow, created from a paper form, for internal employees.


  • 1 digital form created with PowerApps, created starting from a paper form
  • 1 approval workflow with multiple approval steps, created with Power Automate
  • 1 SharePoint Online list with all forms, filled by end users, for archival
  • 1 technical training session for the governance of the solution


  • End users must have Power Apps for Office 365 and Power Automate for Office 365 licenses activated
  • It is not expected to have more than 5000 forms filled by the end users in 1 year
  • The approval workflow must have a maximum of 6 approval steps If you need more approval steps, or if you plan to have more than 5000 forms in 1 year just let us know. We'll find the best solution for your needs.

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