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Sales & Service Enhanced: 9-Day Implementation

Dynamic Objects

A rapid deployment of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales & Customer Service with out-of-the-box features and basic customization.

Start tracking sales leads, opportunities, cases, service requests and analytics in just nine days.


This 9-day implementation covers the following:

Day 1

Focuses on setting up your Dynamics 365 environment and a quick tour of the application.

Day 2

Covers gathering data for sales customization, sales process implementation, automatic notifications and data mappings.

Day 3

Covers gathering data for customer service customization, service process implementation, automatic notifications and data mappings.

Day 4

Covers system customization & configuration for sales

Day 5

Covers system customization & configuration for customer service

Day 6

Fine tuning and reworks

Day 7

Online end-user training for Sales

Day 8

Online end-user training for Customer Service

Day 9

Go live, remote support, and guidance.


By the end of the implementation you will have a sales and customer service system in place tailored to your needs.


The full implementation is offered remotely and training sessions are conducted online.