Microsoft Viva: 3-Day Workshop


ECF Data provides a comprehensive three-phase engagement of Microsoft Viva, to help your organization thrive in a more flexible work environment.

Data Microsoft Viva: 3-Day Workshop

ECF Data’s 3-day workshop delivers an overview of the Art of Possible for Employee Engagement and goes in-depth across the Microsoft Viva suite with Topics, Connections, or Learning.

The way we work shifted drastically over the past two years. With many of us experiencing burnout, 72% of workers prefer to work on a flexible environment than the traditional full-time office work. Because of this, experts foresee a rise in flex work in the future.

Illustrate how Microsoft Viva can help your company provide the following:

Tailor-made experiences to your employees with tasks, news, and conversations

Data-driven insights and recommendations

Organized expertise and content

Formal and informal learning when and where needed.

ECF Data’s Microsoft Viva Workshop covers three pillars:

Microsoft Viva Connections - Culture and communications

Present a gateway to your employee experience with communications, news, tasks, resources, people, and resources. All of these will be in a centralized, curated, and configurable destination for roles like shift and frontline workers. Users can build connections on prevalent Microsoft 365 capabilities like SharePoint and Yammer and created as an extension of your intranet.

Microsoft Viva Topics - Knowledge and expertise

Apply AI to determine knowledge and experts from your company, organize them into shared topics, and automatically builds topic pages for each topic. These topic pages are edited and approved by experts and then kept up to date by AI.

Microsoft Viva Learning - Skilling and growth

Make learning a habit by collecting all your learning in a single point through AI-powered recommendations and robust social features.

What to expect from the workshop

A prioritized list of business scenarios that can be addressed by deploying Microsoft Viva

Recommended preparation in terms of skills and best practices

A roadmap outlining potential workstreams and dependencies with clear next steps

Adoption Framework

Customer Criteria

-2000+ Teams Paid Available Units (PAU), and 1000+ Teams Monthly Active Users (MAU)

-Limit to commercial paid SKU (exclude EDU) in enterprise and corporate accounts

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