Secure Multi-Cloud Environments: 3-day Workshop


The Secure Multi-Cloud Environments Workshop helps customers gain insights on active threats and vulnerabilities related to their hybrid and multi-cloud workloads within Microsoft 365.

ECF Data’s 3-day workshop Help customers identify current, ongoing risks to their cloud environment within Microsoft 365 and define the following steps to accelerate their security journey.

Strengthening your hybrid cloud security approach is equally as important as reaching your business targets. Exposing your organization to cyber risks can waste all your hard work.

The Microsoft 365 Secure Multi-Cloud Environments Workshop is a 3-day engagement allowing you to gain insights on active threats and vulnerabilities related to your hybrid and multi-cloud workloads using Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and explore Azure Network Security. What can you expect from this agenda

-Using Microsoft Defender for Cloud to identify active threats on targeted hybrid workloads

-Demonstrating investigation and response to threats

-Discovering vulnerabilities on existing Azure, hybrid, and multi-cloud workloads and explaining how to reduce attack surface area

-Providing guidance for production implementation of Microsoft Defender for Cloud and hands-on experience with Azure Network Security product features

Customer criteria:

-800+ AADP Paid Available Units (PAU), and

-Greater than 5% usage

-Eligible for select customers between 300-999 seats

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