ECF Data - Microsoft Teams: 3-day Workshop


ECF Data's three-day workshop helped Regeneron improve business growth and maximize business potential by fully-utilizing Microsoft Teams as a communications and collaboration hub.

Empower your team with Microsoft Teams: 3 Day Free Workshop by ECF Data, LLC

The three-day free workshop offered by ECF provides an opportunity for your company to uncover infinite opportunities for your workplace transformation. It coincides with a holistic approach, keeping in mind that more than the solution, users' behaviors are equally important. Microsoft Teams is a teamwork hub in Microsoft 365 integrates users, content, and discourse with communication and collaboration solution for the end-user. Included in this engagement are the Teams Calling Workshop, Meetings and Meeting Rooms Workshop, and Apps and Solutions Workshop.
Agenda and Deliverables Day 1: Project Initiation - ECF Data assesses and evaluates the current state of the customer, the issues that need to be addressed, and your short and long-term goals. Through this, both ECF Data and the customer can gauge what needs attention and what challenges to tackle.

Day 2: Plan - This phase helps the clients determine notable scenarios for teamwork. It also dives deeper into priorities and business use cases to further engage users.

Day 3: Facing a better future - The last phase of the workshop gives you an image of tomorrow. ECF illustrates how to transform meetings across the entire organization, and with this, a personalized report with actionable recommendations will be given.

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