Maritime ERP TMSA KPIs: 2-Day Implementation

Fortune Technologies SA

A two days implementation to leverage the power of your data. We will analyse and define TMSA or DBMS KPIs based on your fleet management needs.

Evolve your business by building a system that fits your specific maritime needs. Complete our implementation to leverage the power of the data of the maritime Microsoft Business Central to achieve your KPIs metrics. We offer a two days implementation to analyse your reporting and analytics requirements (based on TMSA or DBMS) in the departments of interest and will deliver relevant reports in order to improve and simplify your operations.

Agenda: Definition of project goals (improved efficiency, simplify operations, set KPIs, etc.). Assessment of current data usage. Identification of risks and problematic areas. Discussion on integrations with external/internal systems (if needed) Review on the business intelligence and reporting needs (Power BI).

Pricing is provided as an estimate. The final cost is based on the number of different departments of the shipping company that will be involved and analysed and also the total number of KPIs.

About us: Fortune Technologies specialises in the field of maritime ERP solutions since 2004. Fortune Maritime is a complete maritime business suite based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform for Financial, PMS, Purchase, HSQE, Operations, Freight, Crew, MGA and more besides. Fortune Maritime is a Certified (class approved by Lloyd's Register and ClassNK, MRV & IMO-DCS certified by Emicert) & cost effective solution, targeting to improve your key shipping business processes, extend the value of your software investments and accelerate business innovation. When combined with our business intelligence platform, based in PowerBI, powerful business insights can be extracted and KPI's can be monitored easily on a daily basis.

Supported countries: All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.
Supported Languages: Available in English (United Kingdom).

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